StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Growth Oil (With Pure Argan, Jojoba, Almond, Castor, Olive, Avocado, Rosemary Oils), 200ml

1,199.00 799.00


StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Growth Oil (With Pure Argan, Jojoba, Almond, Castor, Olive, Avocado, Rosemary Oils), 200ml

1,199.00 799.00

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  • Quantity: 200 ml; Item Form: Oil
  • Item Form: Liquid; Hair Type: All
  • It’s a fantastic multitasker. The ingredients used have several benefits. They a lubricant, so they’re great for detangling wet hair. They are a sealant, so they seal the cuticle down. They are a great heat protectant. Overall, they’re a great hair health booster. Rich in fatty acids it replace the lipids in your hair when it starts to get really fine; 100% natural ingredients, no SLS. No parabens. No sulfates, no harmful chemicals. No colors. Recommended for both men and women
  • Usage: Apply a generous amount of this oil on your scalp and massage it gently in a circular motion for soft, shiny, and supple hair.
  • Give hair natural shine – Leaves hair naturally smooth, silky and healthy, while repairing dry, frizzy, and brittle hair. Massage into scalp to help with hair loss and to promote growth. Run through ends before applying heat to protect from damage. Argan oil has the great benefits of leaving the hair soft, silky and smooth-that oil will reflect the light, making your hair look super shiny
  • Target Audience: Men & Women
  • Package Contents: 1 Moroccan Argan hair Growth Oil

Product Description


StBotanica Bioactive Hair Oils

StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Growth Oil Comes With the Goodness of Natural and Pure Oils. It Contains No Mineral Oil, No Sulphates, Sls, No Silicon, No Paraben, No Artificial Fragrance and Simply No Additives or Chemicals. The Oil Is Formulated From Pure Essential, Carrier and Herbal Oils. The natural solution to achieve the soft, full, flowing hair you desire StBotanica Moroccan argan hair growth oil is the one-stop solution for your all-too-common hair health issues. Now’s the time for beautifully restored and completely nourished hair. Bring back to life limp dry hair. Create lustrous, full volume. Get soft, shiny and supple hair. Tame frizzy unmanageable hair. Repair dry, split ends. From root to tip,


Give Hair Natural Shine

Give Hair Natural Shine – Leaves Hair Naturally Smooth, Silky and Healthy, While Repairing Dry, Frizzy and Brittle Hair.


Clean And Soothes Scalp

Moroccan Argan Hair Oil Is Lightweight and Gets Absorbed Quickly. Cleans and Soothes Scalp – the Biggest Offender Against Hair Growth Is a Dirty, Congested Scalp.


How to Use

Apply a Generous Amount of Oil on Your Scalp and Hair and Massage Gently in Cuircular Motion. Leave on for at Least One Hour Before Wash Kor Overnight.


With Pure Moroccan Organic Argan Oil

The Natural Solution to Achieve the Soft, Full, Flowing Hair You Desire StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Growth Oil Is the One-stop Solution for Your All-too-common Hair Health Issues. Now’s the Time for Beautifully Restored and Completely Nourished Hair. Bring Back to Life Limp Dry Hair. Create Lustrous, Full Volume. Get Soft, Shiny and Supple Hair. Tame Frizzy Unmanageable Hair. Repair Dry, Split Ends. From Root to Tip, StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Growth Oil Feeds Your Hair With 100 Percent Plant Oils That Are Essential for Complete Hair Health. Impressive Results for the Hair You Deserve.


Vegan Plant-based Oils Include

Jojoba Oil – Strengthen Hair Fibres From the Inside Out.

Moroccan Argan Oil – Effectively Create a Tight Seal for Your Hair Cuticle. Sesame Oil – Prevent Hair Thinning and Foster Healthy Hair Luster and Full Texture.

Grapeseed Oil – Provide Nourishment From the Root for Every Strand While Also Sealing in Moisture.

Rosemary Oil – for Hair Nourishment and Hair Growth. Gives Shiner, Healthier Hair.

Avocado Oil – Replenishes the Hair With Vitamins for Overall Hair Growth. Castor Oil – Recommended for Hair Strength and Prevent Hair Loss.

Coconut Oil – Rich in Fatty Acids That Nourish and Moisturize the Scalp and Hair.

Tea Tree Oil – Naturally Soothes Itchy Scalp and Prevents Many Hair Problems Such as Dandruff.


Describe your products in three words.

Natural, Quality, Experience

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

We believe people are looking for quality cosmetics and nutritional products these days and also do not mind spending a bit to get the same. There is still lot of scope in this segment to offer the best quality based pure products. Our aim has been to develop the best possible products catering directly to customers requirement with most exclusive designs and packaging.

What makes your product special?

Our products are research based and connect to people’s healthy life and their feedback. We try to keep them free from all chemicals, additives as much as possible. Our loyalty lies in natural ingredients, affordability and long-lasting results.

What has been the best part of your experience?

The best part for us has been the positive response worldwide on our products and service. With strength of positive inputs and response received from our customers, we have been continuously working to develop and innovate more range and enter new verticals. Today, Our brand is getting recognized worldwide for its effective products and innovative range of Health, Beauty and Personal care Products. It’s always great to see satisfied customers that enjoy our products.


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