Vatajatadi Hair Oil – Oil from Banyan Root extract for strong hair trusted since last 45 years- 200 ml

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  • Unique herbal hair oil from banyan tree extracts for strong hair
  • Rich golden Non-sticky hair oil with proven results since last 45 years
  • Contains astringent agent to strengthen hair roots
  • Contains natural hair tonic which improves hair growth
  • Contains stimulating agent to imporve micro circulation in scalp and nourishment
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Banyan (Bargad) tree symbolizes strength and longevity, In ancient Indian science of Ayurveda , Banyan roots have immense medicinal properties in hair care. Vatajatadi Hair Oil is derived from the extracts of Banyan Aerial root (Jata) which is very effective in hair fall control and makes hair strong from roots. Vatajatadi hair oil contains many useful ayurvedic ingredients like banyan aerial roots, Til oil, sunthi, bibhitak, japapushpa which help in hair fall control. Vatajata (Banyan aerial root) is an astringent which strengthens hair roots& enhances hair growth. Bibhitak (Beleric Myrobalan) is an anti-fungal agent which prevents scalp infection & helps to reduce itching Sunthi (Ginger) is a stimulant to hair roots which helps to increase micro-blood circulation in the hair scalp region and helps in nourishment of hair roots. Japapushpa ( Hibiscus flower) helps in imparting natural blackness to hair preventing premature greying of hair. Til oil (Sesame oil) is a natural hair tonic that improves hair growth and softening of new hair. Kapur( Camphor) is a natural refrigerant which reduces brain fatigue and give cooling effect to hair scalp inducing sound sleep. Vatajatadi hair oil is the first hair oil derived from Banyan aerial extracts and has been trusted by millions of customers since last 45 years due to its high quality and proven results.


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