Vriddhi Intensive Bhringraj and Brahmi Hair Oil with Hibiscus -100 ml

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Vriddhi Intensive Bhringraj and Brahmi Hair Oil with Hibiscus -100 ml

246.00 201.00

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Vriddhi Intensive Bhringraj and Brahmi Hair Oil with Hibiscus -100 ml


  • SUPPORTS HAIR GROWTH: An intensive hair loss treatment, this bhringraj hair oil helps boost circulation around hair follicles to not only support better hair growth – but prevent further loss.
  • 100% NATURAL: Completely organic and free of harmful preservatives or chemicals, bhringraj oil for hair growth is a fully healthy, natural way to improve the shiny condition of your hair.
  • UNIQUE FORMULA: As the only bio bhringraj oil on the market today with a truly unique formula, hair-boosting ingredients including hibiscus and brahmi have been expertly blended to create a naturally effective hair growth oil.
  • IMPROVES DRY SCALP: As well as a growth oil, this organic bhringraj oil can also be used to dramatically reduce dandruff and help alleviate other symptoms of a dry scalp.
  • HIGH IN NUTRIENTS: Due to the ability of this Indian bhringraj oil to help increase blood flow to hair follicles, this increase in nutrients will help maintain vibrant colour and natural thickness – in addition to growth!


Product description

Reducing Hair Loss, Promoting Brand New Growth & Improving the Overall Condition of Your Hair is Now at Your Fingertips!

Just because hair loss is an increasingly common problem in both men and women, this doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. Packed full with hair-boosting nutrients and possessing a truly unique formula, this bespoke bhringraj oil boasts a wealth of intensive benefits for both your hair AND scalp.

Helps Increase Circulation to Support New Growth – and Prevent Further Hair Loss

There’s no point boosting hair growth if you’re simply unable to reduce your rate of hair loss in the first place. Luckily, this hair growth oil intensively works to replenish lost nutrients and minerals within the hair follicles, successfully supporting their normal rate of function. This gives your hair the chance to not only begin growing once more, but stop falling out once and for all.

Effectively Reduces Dandruff & Dry Scalp

In addition to aiding overall hair growth, this bhringraj oil’s unique formula can help reduce many symptoms of a dry scalp – including dandruff. Able to help your scalp feel nourished and no longer itchy or irritated, this hair oil is a truly replenishing treatment.

100% Natural & Organic – With a Unique Formula

Made using only organic ingredients including bhringraj, hibiscus and curry leaves, you won’t find a formula identical to this anywhere else – guaranteed. Free from harmful preservatives, chemicals, colours or fragrance, this unique oil has been expertly formulated for maximum results. And it’s 100% vegan friendly too.

Transform Your Hair & Scalp For Good – Get Your Bhringraj Hair Oil Today!


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